Masaru Emoto Official Jewellery © OME 111111-01

A few years ago I had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Masaru Emoto and when I put forward my proposal of creating jewellery based on his work “Messages from Water”, he asked “why?”.
I explained that the focus of all my creations were the energetic attributes of minerals and metals apart from their purely aesthetic purpose, and that visiting my previous web sites:
diegonebot.com/gemoterapia and  diegonebot.com/old_web, he would have a better understanding of my work.

He sent me some samples of his photographs, through which I created crystallization of Faith. Thank you and Truth.
After Mr.Emoto saw my work, which he loved we signed a contract, whereby I became the official jeweller of  “Messages from Water” © on his web site masaru-emoto.net/english/emoto-label.html